Sunday, February 14, 2016

The ultimate peer-to-peer delivery platform

Do you need something to be delivered? A courier company does not always care about your package. Sometimes, it takes up to a month to deliver a package. In addition, in the majority of cases, the delivery costs a pretty penny. Paqqy is an individual-to-individual delivery platform. Whenever you need to send or receive a package faster and cheaper – Paqqy is the right place. On the other hand, if you want to deliver a package and earn money – Paqqy is the place to look for a package. With Paqqy, each traveler is a potential carrier of your package or your PAQ, as we call packages ! Paqqy is a platform with two-sided market. On one side there are owners of the packages and on the other side there are deliverers. If you are the owner of a paq, all you have to do is  - posting a paq and specifying the price of how much the deliverer will earn,  - then, potential deliverers are becoming candidates for the delivery,  - you choose one of them – based on the candidate’s rating and feedbacks, Chosen candidate delivers the paq and earns money! Paqqy has a double confirmation security system. The owner of the paq and the deliverer mutually confirm every step of a delivery process. The amount of delivery money is frozen on the account of the owner. When the paq is successfully delivered, the money is transferred from the account of the owner to the account of the deliverer. The rating and feedback systems help to deparate bad deliverers out of good deliverers. In the close future, real-time location tracking of a paq will be added. Why choose Paqqy? Paqqy is a flexible tool fully integrated with Google Maps. Our users experience full functions of the Google Maps combined with capabilities of Paqqy. And yes, it is possible to send messages via Paqqy! Every minute, more than 6,000 people travel across the world. Each of them is a potential deliverer, and they do not even have to change their life schedule! The more people use Paqqy, the better it becomes! And hey! Combining the traveling with delivering helps to reduce CO2! Visit and try it!


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