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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Network Freelance – an online community platform created by freelancers, for freelancers. A membership community with an attractive suite of perks. As the freelance community swells, online platforms are growing in popularity as a way to find work and showcase talent. However, not all freelancing platforms are created equal. Many have gained a bad name for their race-to-the-bottom bidding mentality, and harsh penalties for migrating client relationships away from their sites In response to the shortcomings of other platforms, and increasing demand for a service that caters to more accomplished freelancers as well as newcomers, Network Freelance has developed an exclusive membership scheme for the sector. What Makes Network Freelance Different? This members-only platform is designed to offer a fairer, more supportive network for both freelancers and clients, based on the principles of mutual respect and proper remuneration. With safe escrow payments, no bidding and no penalties for working with clients away from the site, it takes away the stress and hassle often associated with these platforms. Clients are also managed by the in-house projects team that look after the client interaction with the freelancers. This is currently free of charge. As well as finding work on the contract job board, freelancers can interact with other independent professionals in the active online forum, to gain advice from their peers and discuss hot topics in the world of freelancing. Members can also write guest posts to publish on the Network Freelance blog, to demonstrate their expertise and generate exposure for their profile. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for freelancers, which is why Network Freelance is based on a tiered membership system. Packages start at just £4.99 per month for the value package and £14.99 for the premium package. (lowest in the market) By joining Network Freelance, members can benefit from a whole suite of benefits such as, free credit checks (to use on perspective clients), Breakdown cover, Taxi credit, Tastecard, Neardesk Card (access to 400 workspaces throughout the UK), Gadget Insurance and discounts at leading brands across the UK. The perks are good balance between tools to help develop your career and benefits to help in your work-life balance. We also have a group of affiliates that offer services to freelancers. We have negotiated with these partners to offer discounts to all people using the platform. #futureoffreelancing

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