MyInformationVault, the Revolutionary Solution to Financial Information Loss


Friday, January 16, 2015

MyInformationVault is a revolutionary startup company that is providing a technological solution to the significant problem of financial information loss. In 2013, states and federal agencies held $58 billion in unclaimed cash and benefits, much of which came from abandoned bank accounts, stockholdings, and unclaimed life insurance payouts. Our recent launch allows families to protect and keep track of their digital assets in the case of a tragedy. Users can easily and securely store financial information and designate family and friends as information recipients in case of a sudden death. Our company’s founder has gone through the hardship of tracking down the financial information of a deceased family member and to this day he is still discovering financials that he had no idea existed. This experience was the compelling factor that inspired him to develop this company. MyInformationVault allows users to feel comfortable digitizing their financial information all in one place - yet without the risk of compromising valuable information. Our website's AES 256-bit SSL encryption secures user information so that only users can view it at any time. Our goal is to relieve families from the stress of losing their financial information by providing a secure and easy to use service. MyInformationVault is a solution for all individuals who have personal financials. Life is unexpected, but MyInformationVault gives individuals and families the security and well being of knowing where their financial information will go when they are gone.


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