Face the Big Challenges of Our Time

Monday, August 10, 2015

Moonwalk designs and orchestrates Moonwalks for ordinary people. To face the big challenges of our time. For the good of humankind. A Moonwalk is a highly structured yet playfully directed process and tools to turn a big challenge into tomorrow's solutions by the hands, minds and hearts of the many. Moonwalk Innovation System used to win awards and create billion dollar value to corporations. The inventor decided to stop making corporations richer and start facing the big challenges of our time - for the good of people and society. Partners at Team Moonwalk are investing their own time and resources and share in the success of each Moonwalk, shoulder-by-shoulder with the participants in each Moonwalk. In a Moonwalk, everyone owns the challenge, everyone works on it, and everyone benefits from it. With its crowdfunded, crowdsourced and shared ownership model, there is no-one to ask for permission, no need to wait for resources, and no-one who can close us down.  We plan from the future back. Move forward - without permission nor hesitation nor risk of running out of money. 

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