Moon Assist

Next Generation Crypto Trading


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Moon Assist lets you trade like a professional using a single platform, integrating with your favorite exchanges. We make it easy to get control over your wide portfolio, trade safely, and maximize profits. Say goodbye to the traditional crypto trading platforms. Key trading features Trade from one platform utilizing your exchanges. Set your stop loss and sell order combo. Use our trailing stop feature for maximizing your returns. Arbitrage Trading With a coming update Moon Assist offers you the possibility to easily profit from different exchange coin pricings. Trading BOT Moon Assist will bring you a future update that will make it your nr.1 trading assistent. We are on the verge of redefining the new crypto BOT standard. Revolutionary Crypto Trading We are at the verge of redefining crypto trading by offering you an all-in-one assisting platform. Use Moon Assist on your laptop, tablet or smart phone and keep track of your assets. Anytime and everywhere!


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