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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Online platform Mobocars is created to provide the most convenient local car rental service worldwide. At the moment, there is a lack of full cycle platforms through where people could easily rent cars from local rent-a-cars, avoiding serious risks and misunderstandings due to language, rating or terms. Local rent-a-car companies have a lot of problems managing their fleet too. Various risks appear: client share on one platform, violation of traffic rules (fines), non-return of guarantee deposit for car renter, car availability problems, etc. Mobocars solves this problems aggregating all clients on same platform. We avoid serious marketing spending's giving ability to local companies issue referral codes with discounts for every their client, taking their clients into the service - in result local rent-a-cars not losing, but earning on each of their client making marketing costs for each client lower and client base bigger in overall. For sure we have all necessary things like online payments, convenient verification of user profile – during registration process renter provides necessary information (driver license data, passport data), a mobile phone number. Local Rent a cars can also manage car booking availability, making customer experience better, when customers watching cars for specific dates. Also we have rating system which allows to post reviews and ratings for both parties. In addition, the parties sign an agreement (the sample is placed on the website) when they meet in person during hand over of vehicle. Right now we are testing system in Baltic Region and have few agreements with local rent-a-car companies with overall client base and orders with over 10 000 people in last 2 years. We want to make local rent-a-car less chaotic, bring people more flexible terms and convenient service. Let's say it is not easy to find a right available car in different country, during the night or a trustworthy rent-a-car provider even if people living there. For local rent-a-cars marketing costs are too high as well, so we manage to solve every problem of both parts.

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