New App “Mira” Gives You a Personal Stylist at Your Fingertips

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (July, 2014) - A Memphis-based startup announced today the upcoming launch of their new mobile app, Mira, that helps users make what-to-wear decisions by collecting opinions on their outfits from everyday people and fashion bloggers. The free-to-download app promises to deliver reliable fashion feedback to users uploading pictures of the outfits they’re comparing in two minutes or less - “A lot faster than texting photos to a group of friends,” says co-founder and CTO Morgan Steffy. Through a voting-based game that feels a bit like the popular dating app, “Tinder,” users can give quick opinions on outfit pictures other users have uploaded and also run mini “focus groups” on their own outfits. But, for people looking for in-depth outfit advice, Mira goes a step further, connecting them to one-on-one styling sessions with top fashion bloggers of their choice from around the country (and world) for just a few dollars. According to co-founder and CEO Evan Katz, Mira’s goal is to take the uncertainty out of deciding what to wear. “Mira is the first fashion feedback app to guarantee reliable feedback in two minutes or less,” says Katz. “It’s also disrupting the image consulting industry and giving people access to affordable fashion expertise. Now it’s a few dollars to get a professional to help you with your outfit, not $100.” For many fashion bloggers, Mira is the opportunity they’ve been looking for. “I'm excited to be able to give fashion tips to the everyday person… and help them create that confidence,” says celebrity stylist and fashion blogger Ali Levine. “I believe Mira is going to be a big part of [that confidence], from your everyday shopping to ‘what should I wear today?’” While most of the revenue made will go back to the 50 fashion bloggers and stylists that Mira has partnered with, the company’s initial business model relies on taking a small percentage of each transaction made. However, co-founders Steffy and Katz believe this is just the beginning. The team plans to pursue partnerships with retail clothing brands and also sell the data they gather on fashion trends. Currently, the team has raised a seed round and will be raising more funds post-launch. They are currently testing Mira in private beta. For more information and early access, visit www.Mira-app.com.

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