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Thursday, January 29, 2015

MeisterTask is an incredibly intuitive online task management tool that runs inside your standard web browser, so there’s no need for manual installation or updating, ever. The tool can be used by freelancers, private individuals and even students, but its true potential lies in its powerful collaborative features designed for the project management of small to medium sized teams. Team members can easily assign tasks to others and keep an eye on their progress without losing focus of your own to-dos. Leaving comments and Likes is not only a way to give feedback but to foster a great team spirit. Due to its flexible project boards, MeisterTask is suitable for projects of all kinds, from software development to marketing, design, event management, education and more. Teams can easily adjust the boards to their workflow so they don’t waste any time getting used to a new system. Aside from integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox, MeisterTask perfectly integrates with the online mind mapping tool MindMeister, creating a seamless workflow from first idea to finished project. Users can brainstorm together in a mind map, create and assign tasks, and then easily export them to MeisterTask, where they can collaboratively work them off.


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