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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

MAKEZU : AI-Powered Social Engine To Transform Social Media Into a New Revenue Stream For Any BtoC Company No leads, no business. The formula is pretty straightforward. What's not so straightforward, though, is how to get those business leads in the new digital era. That's why the founders of MAKEZU, are convinced innovative AI technology can help companies generate relevant leads. Our service: Makezu’s AI technology is capable of understanding and identifying in public Twitter posts if users are expressing concerns or key life moments. After this, the technology sends automated personalized responses to these public posts. The goal of these responses is to introduce to the users your company's product or service. Benefits Makezu is designed to help Companies to convert Twitter users into customers. What's great about using this tool is that it gives Companies valuable insights and data for driving each market share's growth. We take pride in the fact that we don't just help our clients to get more leads. Instead, we help them to get the right ones. These leads will result in brand-new sales, rather than just likes and re-Tweets, every month. Makezu’s breakthrough AI is able to search through millions of posts and profiles on Twitter in record time and extract valuable information from them. And get this, it’s not only for fans of your brand… Our algorithm targets and activates EVERY Twitter user based on their expressed concerns or life events. Each customer is free to set their budget based on the size of the audience they want to reach.


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