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Monday, November 19, 2018

Loop is an email app that enables you to work smarter with your team on email. At Loop we believe that there are smarter ways of working together then what you're using today. It just seems like no matter how many different collaborative apps you try - you always have to go back to your inbox to deal with the important things. Does this sound familiar?

  • a client reaches out to you on email
  • you exchange a bunch of emails about the project
  • you open new projects and chat with your internal team in other apps like Slack or Asana and Trello
  • then you exchange a bunch of emails again with the client until the project is done
It's a mess. That's why we worked on developing an app that is able to bring the lovable collaboration experience back to email. We call it Loop Email and its main feature enables people to be able to resolve any email on the spot with Loops: internal side chats. Here is how the Loop experience is different:
  • you get to chat with people right next to your inbox
  • you can share emails with colleagues and teams and resolve emails on the spot with private discussions
  • you can create team channels and store all team conversations in one place
  • Loop Inbox helps you focus on the people and teams that are most important
The app is available on mobile for iOS and Windows and Mac OS for desktop and already has more than 40.000 registered users and is FREE to use for now. Here is a short video on how it works:


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