Great customer service starts with better Help Desk Software

Saturday, August 20, 2016

LiveAgent helps businesses thrive in customer service, with features like ticketing, ticket distribution, built-in live chat, Facebook ticketing, Twitter monitoring, reporting, built-in customer portals, and a call center integration with Twilio, all of which are designed to enable businesses to better organize their customer support and be available immediately when their customer seek help. Through LiveAgent’s streamlined user interface, agents are able to respond to incoming emails, chats, phone calls, Facebook posts, and private messages 24/7. They can also monitor tweets that mention specific keywords or brand names. Its features are fully customizable, with no HTML coding required. Businesses that utilize LiveAgent’s multi-channel helpdesk software benefit from better support, along with faster, more organized, and more consistent responses to customer queries. It can also increase customer satisfaction rates, which ultimately results in increased referrals and sales.

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