Science Of Sex: Smart Vibrator For Smarter Orgasms

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Lioness ( is the Flatiron Health of female sexual wellness. The company combines as one of the fastest growing and most trusted consumer brands in sexual wellness, and growing partnerships with research and healthcare—supported by the world’s largest physiological dataset in female sexual function. Lioness has sold out repeatedly since its Lioness 2.0 launch. The company has been covered in diverse publications from The New York Times, O Magazine, Glamour, to the New England Journal of Medicine as well as the winner of the prestigious Johnson & Johnson Women’s Health Innovation Spotlight. The Lioness Vibrator is the first and only biofeedback vibrator that provides data on arousal and orgasm from one’s own body. This allows users to discover what works best sexually and literally see (visually) how numerous conditions like diet, mood, sleep, and medications affect their sexuality.

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