Legacy Travel Club


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Flying should be ENJOYED, not endured.

Legacy Travel Club brings affordable and more comfortable air service to Indianapolis, providing non-stop air service to the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States. Its first class service without the first class price. Our clients are people who are fed up with the nickel and dime philosophy of airlines, who want to enjoy comfortable, direct flights to their vacation destinations. We offer an exciting alternative to the cramped; multi-connection air service that the region currently suffers from. The Indianapolis and Louisville markets has suffered from ten years of mergers and reductions in capacity for non-stop flights. As airline mergers continue, Legacy Travel Club brings back direct service in luxurious comfort at affordable prices. We take care of our members from parking their car, to returning them home safely. Compared to other carriers, we offer more for less; meaning you get more using Legacy than you would flying commercially… every seat is comparable to first class seating, free parking, private tour directors, hot meals to each destination, and a unique travel experience that no other carrier can offer. While there are other travel agencies and groups in Indianapolis, none of them have a dedicated jet to make these trips. By partnering with National Airlines (Orlando, Florida) Legacy Travel Club will offer reliability and peace of mind to travelers who are seeking an established and reputable carrier to carry Legacy’s members throughout the world in a luxurious first class 757 cabin. This gives Legacy Travel Club a remarkable advantage. Legacy is not an airline, but a travel club that focuses on the Indianapolis and Louisville region only. By staying small, we can become profitable sooner while answering the need for better air service. Legacy Travel Club's marketing strategy is to emphasize our unique first class product and the hassle-free comfort of enjoying trips. Indianapolis and Louisville fliers who are tired of all-day connections, cramped seats and endless fees will find our product to be a much welcomed, affordable delight.


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