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Thursday, October 27, 2016

LearnWorlds’ cloud-based, white-label, e-learning platform offers to professional trainers, businesses and organizations an easy, hassle-free way to create their own, personally branded, online schools and professional training centers. Through those online schools they can share or sell interactive, self-paced premium courses to their learners and employees. LearnWorlds is an e-learning start-up that is on its path to transform self-paced learning. It wishes to become the best “educational amplifier”, empowering trainers, educators and content authors to create unique, enjoyable and social learning experiences. LearnWorlds was started when three former e-learning researchers identified the need for an e-learning platform whose primary objective would be the actual learning itself instead of the management of learning. LearnWorlds co-founders George Fanis and Panos graduated have worked since 1999 as e-learning researchers and software engineers. George and Panos both hold a PhD in edtech. The three of them, after acquiring significant professional experience holding positions in the academia, industry and public sector, started looking for a new challenge. Intrigued by the revival of e-learning and the rise of the MOOCs (which was attempting another swipe at the decades old e-learning problems), George, Fanis and Panos turned their attention to the rising wave of the edupreneurs, professional trainers and training organizations that were trying to do e-learning using an assortment of ill-fitted legacy Learning Management Systems, ragtag custom websites and unreliable plugins. At the same time other trainers started feeling the pressure of having no options to promote and sell their courses other than the “learning supermarkets”, the big course marketplaces that - by their design - drive down the quality and race prices of online courses to the bottom. Hence LearnWorlds was born as a white label platform for trainers and companies that are looking for a hassle-free way to sell their online courses under their own brand.


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