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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Learnkit produces the best custom elearning through our unique Learncycle pedagogy that delivers the most engaging and enjoyable user experience to ensure organizations and individuals get better, everyday. Our core focus is to create new and better ways to learn through technological advancement and pedagogical innovation. We combine the best in adult education with the latest learning technology to create competitive advantage for organizations and institutions through custom elearning solutions that help engage, develop and activate their people. By improving the way that digital education and online learning is created and delivered, we believe we can unleash the power of individuals and broaden the horizons of what is possible. In today’s volatile and rapidly shifting business landscape, if your organization’s rate of corporate learning isn’t greater than your rate of change you will fall behind. Organizations that not only survive, but thrive, have realized success through scalable online learning solutions that are customized to their business processes, expertise and culture. To help organizations perform at their best, our solutions focus on real learning -- learning that is tied to competencies, and results in measurable real world outcomes. We do this through our unique and innovative approach to elearning development. Whether it is corporate training that results in improved economic outcomes, or academic learning that leads to more employment opportunity or success in the workplace. We are committed to creating learning that leads to real improvements for the individual, and the corporations that employ them. Why Learnkit: Working with world class brands like lululemon athletica, Hootsuite, Earls Kitchen Bar, University of Toronto and Syracuse University, we’ve uniquely been able to deliver results for three primary reasons: True Custom Partnership Unparalleled agile development approach to working with clients allows us to act as a high performing extension of an in-house team to rapidly produce high-quality, tailor-made elearning solutions. Team of expert educators will take materials, in any shape or form, to produce elearning solutions that look and feel like our client’s unique brand and culture, while meeting their specific business objectives. Tie competency-based learning outcomes to business results. Achieve the Best Learning Results Modern Learncycle pedagogy means the most efficient learning in the least amount of time. Build confidence through various assessments. Bite sized learning that leads to high retention and application of knowledge. Go Beyond Learning by Inspiring Action Deliver relevant, impactful digital learning that not only educates but engages and inspires action to apply learning. The most engaging, fun and enjoyable experience for users (not boring!) Solutions are designed around the learner, with a sharp understanding of language and cultural idiosyncrasies and considerations. What we offer: As a full service elearning development agency, we are able to work as an extension of any corporate team to rapidly produce, high-quality innovative and specialized learning solutions that align with your unique brand and culture, and are tied to your strategic business objectives. Whether your organization is looking to develop new learning initiatives, enhance existing corporate training, or leverage elearning as part of a blended learning approach, we can help. We partner in the development of custom online learning solutions that cater to business challenges and opportunities, including: Employee Onboarding Sales Enablement Product Knowledge Systems Training Customer Education Localization and Translation Engagement and Alignment Initiatives Compliance, Policy and Procedures Career Laddering and Professional Development For more information visit www.learnkit.com or call us at 1-844-E-LRNkit.


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