File Sharing Made Simple


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

KwiqFlick is a file sharing and collaboration platform that makes it simple and easy to share files. The Problem: Sharing files can be tiresome, because you inevitably have to upload a file somewhere and then send on a download link. The process can be even more tiresome when you have to go through the same process again when someone loses the link you send, the file you send or you have to go through the whole process to send the file to someone different. The Solution: KwiqFlick solves this. You only have to upload a file once and then send to whoever you want without having to upload it every time. You can drag and drop to contacts you already have, or send whatever you like to a non-KwiqFlick user without them having to sign up. KwiqFlick comes packed with a ton of features, such as the ability to download whole folders as zip files and a built in chat for collaboration.


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