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Sunday, March 6, 2016

For how many years have you been using the internet? How many pictures, documents, and messages do you think you've posted online? If you could search that history, what do you think you'd find? Kuary is the easiest way to search across all of your favorite apps. You can finally search your social media, cloud drives, email, chats, contacts and much more from a single place. With one search you can find your work documents, photos from friends, or even bank transactions. Kuary is a great way to keep up with and rediscover your content across your favorite apps. Kuary works exactly like Google, Yahoo, or Bing - except the content is yours. When you perform a search on Kuary, you'll see results from your past activity. When you click on a result, you're taken directly to that piece of content in the original post. Searching "Vacation 2012" might show you direct links to your Facebook, or photos from Flickr. Searching "John Smith" might show you a Google Contact, or one of your Dropbox files. Kuary is easy to use, and 100% free. You can sign up, connect your accounts, and start searching - in less than 2 minutes. Get started by signing up at https://kuary.com Find us on Twitter @KuarySearch


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