a Personal Assistant for Your Inbox


Sunday, May 3, 2015

With such influx it’s easy to get lost in our inbox items, forgetting what is it that we’re trying to achieve. Don’t get us wrong, emails are great. The genuinely important ones can propel productive work and help us achieve some significant targets, no doubt. But with so many emails competing for our attention we just don’t have enough time left to focus on the important stuff. This is where Knowmail comes in. Knowmail starts by working in the background, learning how you manage your emails, with whom you communicate, which emails you spend more time on and much more. Knowing you, it becomes your personal email assistant, handing you the most important emails first, sizing work based on the time you have. It summarizes your emails and provides contextual “next best actions” to help you clean up your inbox faster. And like a true personal assistant, it adjusts itself to you, helping you work less and achieve more.


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