The first offline, proximity-based social network

Sunday, June 7, 2015

KiTouch is the first proximity social network which allows you to seize the occasions of life, in a fast and simple way. It works offline, it respects the privacy as it does not store any personal data, it avoids great part of the spam and connects the digital world to the real one in a completely new way. How many times do we get to catch the eye of someone who is in the car in front of us while we are in a queue? Or to notice someone while walking in the city? How many times have we wanted to say thank you to a stranger for his friendly action but we haven’t? Thanks to KiTouch no more regrets, ever. Operation: 1) Fill in your profile. 2) Thanks to a proprietor algorithm your profile will be compressed, encrypted, and filed inside a KiTouch QRCode decryptable only from the other users of the app. 3) Put your KiTouch QRCode in your car or in your scooter, on your bag, or wherever you want. 4) Did someone attract you? Have you noticed his KiTouch QRCode? Start the application and catch the KiTouch QRCode with your iPhone, EVEN WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION: the sophisticated catch algorithm works up to 10 meters at a distance! 5) Read his profile (nick, age, sex, home town, education, hobbies and much more) and decide to contact him. 6) The user, you have decided to get in touch with, will receive a notice on his smartphone and an e-mail with your photo and all the data of your profile (who knows, maybe he had noticed you too!) and he will decide to answer or not. Profit: - KiTouch does not store any of your personal data (*) therefore your privacy is guaranteed. - Nobody can contact you unless he has seen you. You also have the possibility to set up filters to select the type of persons that can decode your KiTouch QRCode. - Do you want to take a break from KiTouch? No complicated procedure for the account deactivation, simply remove your KiTouch QRCode. - The spam is reduced at the minimum because KiTouch works offline. "If the opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door" - Milton Berle

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