KindnessEarth is a challenge which will provide an act of kindness for everyone simultaneously.


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

This app is a challenge which will provide an act of kindness for everyone simultaneously. Our aim achieves a community of goodness and so the faith in humanity will grow. The motto is simple: Move into your heart and discover the feelings there. Bring the provided act of kindness to life before the countdown ends. If you bring the act to life, take a creative photo of it and send it to us. So you will get nominated for the benefactor of the day. Our Team will choose the benefactor of the day among nominees. The name and photo of the chosen benefactor will be shared in our application. If desired the name of the benefactor will remain anonymously. Have you ever thought how kindness can affect someone’s life? Kindness is not an act that requires any hardship, complication or bother. It is simple and harmless. With this movement, you will see how it affects our mental and physiological health. We will be happier, peaceful and compassionate towards others. When we say others, we do not mean only other people, we mean all living creatures in the world. We are passionate about creating a community of goodness. Help us to achieve our goal.


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