A free, smart calendar with wait time reports. Wait less, do more.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

KeepTime is your personal, smart calendar that helps you outsmart waiting lines, predict traffic and adapt your schedule to always be on time. It's a community-powered system that watches your environment (and the people in it) in order to notify you of potential delays. Wait less, accomplish more. Use KeepTime to: - Outsmart waiting lines. Check community reports on wait times, so you can plan accordingly and make the best use of your 24 hours each day. - Never waste a minute. KeepTime keeps you and your party in sync, telling you when to leave for a meeting and making sure you never have to wait on people. - Know things ahead of time. Get live tips on restaurant crowds, DMV lines or airport delays—so you're always several steps ahead of a busy world.


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