Kanban Tool

Increase Team Performance with a Visual Management Tool

Friday, November 13, 2015

Kanban Tool is the original Kanban application, designed to help manage tasks and project with use of the Kanban method. By clear visualization of tasks on a digital whiteboard and automatically limiting the Work In Progress teams are getting much more done in shorter time. Kanban Tool is easy to customize and simple to get started with. For advanced processes, an additional functionality is available in Power-Ups. It's also easy to analyze the team's performance with built-in metrics, including Breakdown Chart, Lead & Cycle Time, Cumulative Flow and Time Report. Building a visual board to match your specific process to a tee has never been easier. Share & assign tasks, collaborate easily and efficiently with Kanban Tool. Plans range from $0-$9 per user a month. Get a free trial now at https://kanbantool.com/pricing.

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