The first worldwide open network for buying & selling art


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dear Launching next, I’ve got what I personally see as super exciting news to share with you: Tomorrow Monday we’re launching IWantToBuyArt.com, the first worldwide open network for buying & selling art! Conceived by 15 a years artist & art writer & thanks to a fantastic team & a successful Kickstarter, IWTBA is finally ready to welcome every artists & art lovers on the first open marketplace & social network for art! You’ll find more details in our media kit : https://medium.com/@IWTBA/welcome-on-iwanttobuyart-com-63fc09c561b3#.ges2viomx Please note: The address iwanttobuyart.com will be open from tomorrow, meanwhile you can already see the site thanks to this *still private* shortlink : http://www.iwtba.com Let me know if you’re up for covering it, & please ask me any question :) Many thanks, Kind regards, Jérémie Grandsenne for IWantToBuyArt.com


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