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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

InsightNG is a smart thinking-tool that helps you gain greater clarity and deeper understanding when making important decisions, completing assignments, or getting through personal challenges. We are harnessing the synergies between visual learning and intelligent knowledge discovery to enhance and augment 21st century learning and future of work skills. We provide the means for people to gain clarity and deeper understanding in any problem or challenge. Our platform is built on intelligent cognitive computing technologies that provide digital services that use beneficial, contextual understanding and intelligent decisions to make people’s lives easier, faster and more enjoyable. THE PROBLEM Tools and gadgets are getting easier to use, yet the level of complexity in our world and lives is increasing. We no longer need access to information and data-driven algorithms that make too many assumptions, costing lost time and productivity. Knowledge can no longer be considered a static repository of resources, content and concepts to be "stored up for future use" - frustratingly far too common the focus in today's solutions. Knowledge is profoundly social and the real power of information consumption is going beyond acquiring the information to discovering the insights that should follow. New tools and systems are needed that provide for resiliency – to guide and help generate meaningful context and patterns that allow us to acquire new, actionable insights faster and more productively. THE SOLUTION We are building the world's most powerful, cloud-based collaborative learning and knowledge curation platform, with an AI based information gathering and contextualization engine. It is based on years of validated real-world research and collaboration with Dr Nancy Napier (Executive Director, Centre for Creativity and Innovation, Boise State University). Users visually interact with, collaborate on and expand their knowledge, while in the background our intelligent platform constantly rethinks the context of what users are thinking about. One user said our platform "Googles for things I wouldn't have thought to Google." This results in acquiring timely, meaningful and actionable insights that when aggregated at scale provide powerful network effects; creating a global brain of human insights.


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