The Easiest Point of Sale


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Imagine openning a small business, only to discover various roadblocks to success you were unprepared for. One such roadblock faced by many small and medium-sized enterprises is the need for an intuitive, efficient and reliable point-of-sale solution. The continuous growth of the SMEs, both in developed and developing markets, has created a need for scalable, turnkey POS solutions. Unfortunately, the high cost of technical expertise, and hardware and software licenses has forced SMEs to continue with inefficient and high-risk back-office processes. In 2008, Victor Javier took time off from his traditional POS business to develop the first free POS solution. He has been working in retail by developing enterprise POS solutions for the local market for 16 years. In 2009, the Imonggo platform was launched, and has organically grown to become one of the leading POS solutions in the North America. Currently, Imonggo is scaling to address various needs states across global markets to become the authority in point-of-sale solution for growing businesses.


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