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Monday, April 17, 2017

Humaniq is a simple and secure 4th generation mobile bank. We are developing a completely new banking experience by dissolving all the barriers of archaic banks such as the need to come to a branch, doing endless paperwork, dealing with hard-to-use, buggy mobile apps, and protecting data with hard-to-remember, complex passwords. We have created a safe, strong financial tool, specifically designed to be used by people who are undereducated or who don’t possess identification. Most of them live in emerging economies on less than two dollars a day. We believe we can change that. We are using biometrics to replace passports and signatures, and an ICO and distributed digital assets via our cryptocurrency instead of shareholders. Users will have a simple UX and UI to tap into the mobile application and will also have access to the global library we call the Internet. They can work, borrow, lend, save and pay and it will all be protected by their biometric ID which no one can take from them. We have created Humaniq to implement two big ideas: to open access to modern financial services for 2 billion unbanked people, and to allow vetted partners to participate in building ‘win-win’ products and services for the Humaniq community that can provide revenue and services for all the stakeholders. Humaniq is about ‘Profit with a Purpose’, also known as humanitarian capitalism. We create win-wins for all stakeholders in the spectrum. This is an opportunity not only to improve the quality of life in emerging economies for some of the world’s poorest people, but it’s also an opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to build -non or profitable services such as a direct donation platform, or perhaps a P2P lending addon that might help you achieve not only a ROI on your investment, but also help empower and improve the lives of others who have never had opportunities with traditional financial services before and who currently pay exorbitant interest rates of between 35 and 80 percent to loan sharks as traditional banks won’t help them. Humaniq has already raised 110 000 USD at Pre-ICO and 3mln USD in the first 5 days of main ICO which is still running through 26th of April. Join us today and receive bonuses on our tokens!


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