Holiday Home & Serviced Apartments


Thursday, December 10, 2015 offers the best selection of short and mid-term vacation rentals online with plenty of details for you to read and subsequently book your preferred accommodation. Our aim is to offer the best selection of vacation rentals, which are carefully selected to offer comfort & luxury at the most competitive prices. Our customers include holidaymakers, business travelers, couple or family and people who travel every now and again looking for a good accommodation for a short stay. We currently have over 1100 vacation rentals in over 59 major cities, and we are constantly adding new destinations. Vacation rentals are an alternative to the expensive hotels. There demand is a growing trend as they offer complete privacy, comfort, more space, more flexibility, location and lower cost per person. We provide you clear information to help you make the best choice and be happy with your choice. We aim to offer you the most competitive prices and give discounts whenever possible which are automatically calculated once you enter the details of your stay.


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