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Friday, September 4, 2015

Hatch helps businesses quickly create marketing calendars, dashboards, and play books. Today, building marketing plans means a combination of forecasting in Excel, writing campaign descriptions in Word, and creating presentations in PowerPoint. 88% of Marketing Professionals use Word, PowerPoint & Excel to create their marketing plans. 91% of Marketing Professionals Surveyed Indicated, Building Marketing Plans is “Complex & Challenging.” 6% of all all businesses spend 1,000 hours creating marketing plans. The current approach is slow. Marketing teams are faced with: • Numerous Variables: Audiences, offers, medias, channels, tools, budgets, etc. • Elaborate eco-systems: Team Silos, tools, and processes • High-Volume: Number of tactics, campaigns, and programs. Hatch makes planning fast and easy. Hatch is a marketing planning tool designed for all businesses. It’s an affordable web app based in the cloud that is easy to use, allowing marketing teams to collaborate, compare, and evaluate opportunities across all medias & channels from any device. We’ve taken a complex problem and designed an easy and elegant solution that aligns to your process. Key Benefits: • Accessible Anywhere • Fast • Flexible • Scalable • Affordable • Cloud-based • Easy-to-use • Device Agnostic Our Audience: 1.5MM US Businesses w/ 100 Employees. Over the next 120 Days we will be partnering with Ad Agencies / Consultants, Franchises, Real Estate Brokerages, & Business Associations. Related Roles Include: • Agency Owners • Marketing Consultants • Marketing Directors • CMOs • Marketing Consultants • Marketing VPs • Media Planners Currently, we are inviting Marketing Professionals and Business owners to sign up for our free beta at hatchmarketingplans.com/beta-sign-up Jason Kallas, Founder / CEO In the past, Jason has built and successfully sold a marketing agency, spearheaded the formation of design organizations, taught university courses, partnered with clients in over twenty countries, earned international recognition, and delivered innovative solutions. Kevin Bauman, Founding Advisor / Technology Kevin is a trusted technology consultant, adviser, and an experienced application and website developer. Phil Harding, Founding Advisor / Sales Phil has over 25 years experience in software, agency sales, management consulting, product development and financial services.

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