Brand Reputation Manager, based on Net Promoter Score, to rescue, retain and grow your customers

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Grabfox is a simple platform to manage a Brand’s reputation online. It allows you to capture, monitor and extract intelligent and actionable business insights based on your customer feedback. It can help you capture feedback from multiple channels, for example, Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc, NPS Surveys, Feedback Widget on your website. As Grabfox crunches feedback, from all channels, it runs proprietary Machine Learning algorithm to predict your brand’s Net promoter score in real time. This helps you understand how much your customers care about your Brand. Grabfox can help Owners/Founders, Product Managers, Marketers , Designers make better Business decisions. You can learn what’s good and bad about your brand effectively which helps you to consistently adapt your strategy to retain and grow your customers. Ultimately, it helps to improve Customer loyalty and reduce churn.

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