A fully integrated commercial real estate workflow

Monday, August 9, 2021

Glacier is a fully integrated commercial real estate (CRE) workflow designed to lower cost, save time, and boost efficiency. Glacier is a California LLC, founded in March of 2020 based in Chino, CA. The company consists of 4 co-founders: Jonas Tressel, CEO, Jonathan McGowan, Head of Product, Jacob Rothman, Head of Technology, and Darwin Agunos, Head of Data Engineering. Currently, the product is a combination of a comparable marketplace and report creation tool agents, brokers, appraisers, and other CRE affiliates log on to Glacier to search for comps in order to value property for their clients. The comp data returned from their search is generated into easily readable and shareable reports. In the coming months this process will be taken one step further with the addition of contract forms and a listing platform to create a fully integrated data loop. We are initially targeting new and transitioning commercial real estate agents and brokers in the Southern California region with plans to expand across the country to all commercial real estate affiliates. Mission To lower the barriers to entry to commercial real estate tools, data, and information for all CRE affiliates. Vision To become the center of all commercial real estate data, tools, and informati

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