Garagesocial: The Social Network Connecting the Automotive World

Friday, August 1, 2014

Garagesocial works to create an all-in-one space for auto enthusiasts - it looks to solve the issue of fragmentation that many sites and forums have. Much like how roughly 10 years ago, you had a variety of ways to describe yourself as a person line (Myspace, blogs, personal websites) every system presented the same information but in completely different ways. Presentation was the first problem, but the bigger problem was fragmentation. Everything was everywhere. Then, Facebook came along. We envision a similar concept for the auto industry - where auto enthusiasts or car buyers - could just go to one location to present their vehicles, do their research and communicate with people who have the same interests. True, there are countless sites dealing with the auto industry but each is geared to do one particular thing whether it be buying, selling, presenting or blogging. There are not any sites available that allow for everything - and any that do exist, are extremely outdated in system and design.

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