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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Frotels are hotels by hours! There are many incidences when one needs to use hotels for short or micro stay, and hotels too offer their uncommitted inventories to fulfill such requirements. And globally these Hotels are known by different names, when they are used in different context of use. “FROTELS” is one common name to represent all such hotels worldwide, so …. · Frotels are Freshen Up Hotels · Frotels are Transit-Hotels · Frotels are Hourly Hotels · Frotels are Micro-Stay Hotels · Frotels are Transit-Hotels · Frotels are Day-Use Hotels · Frotels are Short-Stay Hotels · Frotels are On The Go Hotels · Frotels are Pay Per Use Hotels · Frotels are Temporary Stay Hotels · Frotels are By Hours Hotels So next time simply #Book a Frotel whenever you want to book hotels by hours!!


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