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Thursday, August 4, 2022

There’s an abundance of free information out there for people who want to start a business. As you’ve probably seen, it’s often outdated, incomplete, SEO driven, or simply more “I am a GURU” theory.

We’ve spent the last year focused on one thing: how can we serve you better?

That’s taken us on a journey. From the first MVP of the Founders’ Book to building out a suite of products, tailored to founders and early-stage startups.

Here’s what will help you build your business inside Founders’ Book;

Digital Content Library - Knowledge base with tools, resources, guides, and hacks to ideate, plan, build and scale your startup.

Startup OS - Eliminate 10 productivity apps and build your startup with Notion. Significant savings on both cost and learning curve fronts.

Startup Credits - The current investment landscape is very competitive and not looking good for many first-time founders and early-stage startups. Increasing runway by spending less on their SaaS subscriptions will give you an operational advantage.

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