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Friday, March 2, 2018

My name is Andy and I’d like to provide you with some content to write, I am currently working on an internet startup named Foldercrate and would be happy if you could review it and post on your website, it would be really nice. In 2015 Foldercrate started as a simple file service as a project, to make the file service even simpler and better to manage we worked on it until 2016, from then on, we realized how uncomfortable it was to work together because the communication and collaboration was lacking, many software apps open, dozens of browser tabs because of all the different providers. So, we realized that only a file service was not enough, we want to create a service which combines Email, Cloud, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Contacts and Chat all in one and adjust them to each other so that it seems like one service to handle and make everyday life and work for people a lot easier, besides of that a lot of features are planned to make the use of Foldercrate even more comfortable than any other service. We started to ask people around us, come up with ideas, created mockups and researched further into the development. Just a few weeks ago we had a successful Alpha Test and after that even a Closed Beta with a lot of friends and colleagues. Next week we will start an Open Beta for everyone, you will be able to test the service, request suggestions and build Foldercrate with us together! We work every day to get Foldercrate closer to the service we wish it to be.


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