Fittery for finding perfectly-fitting clothes.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Shopping for clothes online is hard. Way harder than it should be, mostly because it's really hard to understand how well clothes will fit you before you get them. Almost 40% of the time, you have to return that item because it doesn't fit like you want it to. Fittery aims to solve that dilemma by matching your shape and size to clothes online. Give us 5 minutes to set up a profile, we'll give you perfectly-fitting clothes from great brands, including Bonobos, Topman, Todd Snyder, Original Penguin, and more. Check out our video that explains how we do it! Or here's more detail on how we work: Step 1: Give us 5 minutes to share some information about you and your measurements. Don’t worry, it’s simple, and once you do it, you can shop for perfectly fitting clothes across all our products. Don’t have a measuring tape? We’ll send you one for free! Because we’re nice like that. Step 2: Shop and compare across all our brands to find clothes that fit you best. Each item is rated across all the key points of measure so you know exactly how each will fit. Too tight in the chest? A little long in the arms? We’ll give you all the info to find the best products to fit you. Not someone else. Not the "average guy". You. Step 3: Once you’ve found great fitting products for you, we’ll link you directly to those items on the brand’s site to check out. Simple and easy. It’s a better mousetrap. Why would you shop any other way?


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