The Yellow Pages of Email


Wednesday, March 29, 2017 is an email finding tool for all the professionals. This email discovery platform use highly trusted sources to find email addresses. It asks a user for full name and company name/url. uses big data to sift through millions of records in seconds. They use patent-pending data fusion technology that is applied to 100 trusted, up-to-date datasets to ensure data freshness and accuracy. Unlike other email finding tools, does not perform guess work on role-based email patterns and never use public data sources to find email addresses. Their engines constantly fed new sources and automatically remove false records. It provides of email validation rate of each email found by looking into 20 different data sources. provides chrome extension to find emails instantly anytime on the web. It also provides other important features like Email Verification, Bulk Email Finder and Email list Verification. verifies email even if it's a catch-all and that’s a competitive edge as other tools don't provide this feature. It cleans up email list in three simple steps - Upload, Verification and Download.


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