Effortlessly Collect Feedback On Your Bot


Thursday, July 21, 2016

FeedBot does one thing super well, which is that it makes it easy to collect feedback on how helpful your bot is. After each output from your bot, FeedBot simply asks if it was helpful. A user clicks 👍 (thumbs up) if it was and 👎 (thumbs down) if it was not. The user is then sent to a quick form where they can provide more feedback on that command, via a simple web-form. All of the user information is tracked and then presented to your team in a dashboard. You can sort your bot data by command and any other tags you add to FeedBot. One other useful part of FeedBot, is that we allow you to see how your bot is performing in comparison to other bots. All benchmarking data is aggregated and anonymous. Link to Documentation: https://github.com/feedbot/code-samples


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