Word-of-Crowd Discovery!


Monday, October 6, 2014

Dobandee is in the process of building an audience and raising awareness for the need of better content/product discovery. The service we are working on lets users discover, recommend and support content they care about. It expands on the idea of ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations, while keeping the users privacy, personal information and interests safe. Bestseller lists, news coverage and recommendations by friends; that’s the three ways people usually find out about new apps and other content. The first two, bestseller lists and news coverage, are heavily influenced by marketing budgets, resources and strategies. Which means good content that lacks marketing or simply can’t afford it, is at a major disadvantage. Content recommended by friends is usually less affected, but of course not completely prone to it, since friends also have to get new content from somewhere. Dobandee's goal is to share the load of discovering and communicating good content. Sifting through thousands of items and recommend the good ones, a task impossible for one alone, suddenly isn’t that scary anymore, if you enable an audience to participate in.


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