Discreet Drop

Guarantee discreet shipping on any package, from any seller.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Discreet Drop offers an easy process to double-box your packages to cover up any obvious logos or branding, return labels, packing slips, holes; anything that can act as identifying information and can be used to signal what's in the box is hidden. We serve as a shipment processor, where you can ship your packages to us via a unique address, from any online store. We then double-box the package to cover up any external logos, return labels, packing slips, and even holes; anything that can act as identifying information and can be used to signal what's in the box. With Discreet Drop, packages will arrive in a 100% discreet plain-box; with no logos or branding to attract attention from anyone, no labels to reveal the contents of the box, and won't have any identifying information that can be used to figure out is in a package. Only you will ever know what is in their packages.

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