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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Daub is a social mobile application that enables people to express themselves through short creative animated memes. In 2014 young Zimbabweans, Leanmark Mayahle & Prospect Motsi (cofounders of Daub) took a bold step and decided to challenge the status-quo of how people could express themselves on social media, they realized that text, shooting images and videos wasn’t enough. “We believe in the spirit of being bold and creative, ours is a drive to inspire other so called ‘underdogs’ to step up and challenge the status quo by being creative and aiming to leave a big mark on earth. Our mantra is being bold and creative; Avant-garde” said Leanmark Mayahle (CEO of Daub). Daub is an application which allows its users to express their creativity and boldness. It is an extension of peoples’ social lives that is expressed through animation. This easy-to-use application can be used on any smart mobile device and empowers its users to express their thoughts and feelings through creative animation. The ability to express one’s thoughts through animated memes explicitly distinguishes Daub from all other applications in the world. It is a step forward in the social media spectrum and it is one which will be adopted on an international scale. Daub works perfectly well to express one’s feelings in the moments when words, images and regular videos ill suffice. Daub memes are inspired by various creative art that include music, movies, news, and internationally trending topics. This service is provided through an online store of memes. The application allows users to be creative by allowing them to add music or a voice note to an animation. This makes the same meme carry or depict a different meaning to suit the user’s creative needs. Daub also has an added advantage of enabling its users to post memes on their various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Daub is launching in the Apple app store soon. Visit www.daubit.co for more information and Our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/daubit.co.


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