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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Gamified to-do list

I have been using list based apps since iPhone came out. But it's always been a challenge to priotize task when the list is long. Or to visualize if I have days with too many deadline on that same day. Basically I felt human don't think in lists. We think visually. Example: while crossing a street we don't see cars as list with time to impact but more like cars in 2 dimensional space. The app interface shows to-do items as meteors falling form the sky. This is a fresh take on the boring list view that most of the common apps today. The best part is when I completed a task the task meteors exploded in a giant ball of fireworks. A serious "Bad ass" way to say task complete. On the other hand if I missed a deadline the meteor came crashing on the city with smoke and red fumes everywhere. This app makes my mundane to do list in to a sci-fi comet busting game. Even though it has been designed for gamers at heart, I think anyone can pick this up and make their grind more fun.


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