Crate Memories

CM Helps You Decorate Big in Small Spaces

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Crate Memories, "CM," is based in Houston, TX and began after its founder noted how many workers in corporate decorated their "small space," given any reason to celebrate. Though competition in the decorating industry is swift, nobody had hit the sweet spot of small spaces in corporate like CM aimed to do. CM launched recently in September 2015 and targets millennials, however, it's being found out that the demographic between ages 30-65 are being more responsive to our concept than expected. The company packs basic decoration supplies into a crate (latex balloons, curling ribbon, streamers, foil party banners, etc) all for the convenience of it being delivered via mail courier to the customer to decorate a small space such as, cubicles, offices, break rooms, etc. for birthdays, baby showers and more. While CM does carry the basic foil party banner, their team also creates handmade banners (seasonal or custom) to potential customer's liking and occasion. This allows CM to reach a different audience who wants to embrace the quick party decor delivery but also enjoys a crafty human touch. It's the cliche [one-stop-shop] to quick and easy decorating.

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