Smart Dampener for Tennis to Improve Your Game


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

San Francisco, CA. - Courtmatics, a bay-area technology company, is excited to announce the pre-order of its revolutionary new tennis sensor, Smart Dampener, the first of its kind device in the true form factor of a regular vibration dampener, which provides smart coaching and detailed feedback for tennis players at all levels via its accompanying mobile app. Pre-orders for the Smart Dampener will be available at for $99 for 2018 Q1 shipping. Courtmatics’ Smart Dampener serves as a direct replacement to a traditional racquet dampener naturally fitting directly on the strings. This positioning allows it to collect motion data of highest quality, analyze it with patented algorithms, and provide best possible accuracy for play feedback. Over the course of four years of product development the Courtmatics team was able to shrink the device size and weight to make it completely unobtrusive during play while maintaining superior durability. This level of playability allows for players of even the highest levels of play, where there is lesser tolerance to equipment differences, to benefit from the product. “Tennis is a multi-faceted sport with a variety of components and techniques impacting overall skill,” explained co-founder and CEO Andre Reznik. “Through our approach to track all elements of the game our technology provides a unique experience for users looking for permanent improvement to their game, regardless of their current skill level.” The accompanying app experience, which provides a session-by-session analysis of 20 metrics points, focuses along four aspects of technique: String Tension: helps prevent injury such as tennis elbow by monitoring tension of strings and when they need to be replaced. Stroke Analysis: breaks down stroke elements for serves, forehands, backhands and volleys in terms of power, sweet spot, top spin, racquet preparation and follow through. Footwork: a pivotal aspect to tennis, averages on step split and steps taken between shots are tracked to help players prepare for shots. Fitness: calculates calories burned and length of sessions Users receive personalized coaching tips based on their skill level and progression as well as video instructions on proper technique. The device also tracks distance run and calories burned, making it a compelling gadget even for fitness and recreationally minded players. Courtmatics’ co-founders, Andre Reznik, Bhanu Pisupati and Vadim Blank recently completed th


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