Anti-Counterfeiting Software for Manufacturers and Retailers


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Counterfeit.Technology is a patent-pending software program that continually fights counterfeiters by banning the sale of knockoffs from websites and all major traffic sources on the Internet. Counterfeit.Technology creates a customized anti-counterfeiting program by utilizing sophisticated algorithms and advanced technologies to protect your company’s brand at a fraction of what it would cost you to retain a private attorney. The system runs non-stop, automatically sends DMCA takedown notices once a counterfeit site is detected, and does all of this work fast. Furthermore, the information that each system collects regarding counterfeit sites can assist law enforcement and enhance the efforts of private litigants by organizing key evidentiary data, thus accelerating the legal process and reducing costs. Counterfeit.Technology was developed with one simple goal: to kill the sites where counterfeit products are being sold, thus eliminating these channels that consumers frequently use to buy knockoffs and ultimately reduce your bottom line. Counterfeit.Technology kills counterfeiters, dead in their tracks. Contact us today to start your free trial to safeguard your brand.


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