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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Our Team & History Config Toolbox is a small group of highly skilled network engineers that decided it was time to form an alliance in 2022. Our plan was conceptualized during the pandemic when many of us needed to rethink our life and career choices. We have a tremendous amount of experience collectively in deploying and supporting core network infrastructure (routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless) and have a lot of value to provide to our customers. Our service goal is different in that we aren’t interested in becoming a large IT consultancy shop offering a big portfolio of services, but rather keep it simple and focus on our core strength — network infrastructure. Bill Thomas is an accomplished Network Engineer with 20 years in IT. He has worked in all aspects of IT throughout his career having been on the client side, reseller side, and as an independent consultant. His early career focused on full exposure to IT technologies, but he quickly decided that core infrastructure was his calling. His skills are deeply rooted in network and security with a strong focus in Cisco and Palo Alto Networks. Wade Stevens is a network and security expert with 15 years of experience. He spent most of his career working in large international networks, but realized smaller networks were more rewarding and offered a greater sense of purpose for him. His experience is heavily focused on core network infrastructure and security in heterogenous environments. How Are We Different As IT Consultants? We have decades of experience in core network infrastructure and offer professional services with a different approach — focus on small projects, provide simple support, do with speed. While the large IT shops have their value, they often fail to deliver real support for the day-to-day things we all need as engineers to support our networks. They will inundate you with project management, SOW’s, and change orders. If you are lucky enough to get help, you will likely wait days or weeks for an engineer to become available. Sound familiar? We want a simple process with real help when you need it. We provide support over email and messaging mainly, and phone as required. IT people like the comfort of a keyboard and chatting with someone to get ideas and help without feeling pressured or sold to. They often have a simple question that needs answering, or need help with a command, or just want guidance throughout a project — this is our value. We don’t sell network hardware — we support it. Engineers, not sales people.

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