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Monday, August 20, 2018

Coachilla, a Founder Institute company, is a platform that helps professionals find & meet verified life, career, executive and business coaches with video calls so they can create meaningful lives. At the same time helping coaches attract new clients and manage their online reputation. It only takes a few minutes to find a suitable coach for your specific need using our coach matching. Coaches on Coachilla come from all-around the world, and are verified to have reliable training for their profession.

There are millions of passionate people in the world feeling stuck on their journey to create their meaningful life. Coachilla's goal is to help them easily find the right coach to support them towards their life goals. Already Coachilla matches clients to coaches providing support in such life areas as career, romantic relationships, life purpose, personal finances and self-leadership.

As such, Coachilla provides the following tools for coaches:

Professional online profiles. Create a profile, list your coaching packages, expertise and training. Gather client reviews after sessions to build your reputation. Receive questions from clients directly to your inbox. It's the easiest way to kick-start a coaching practice online and focus more on coaching.

Booking calendar & Payments. Setup free introduction or paid coaching sessions so clients can book a coach online. Integrating Coachilla with Stripe enables coaches to easily receive credit card payments from clients for one-off sessions and sell their coaching packages online.

Video meetings. Are one of Coachilla's most exciting features. Coaches can host their client sessions directly with Coachilla's video meetings feature. This significantly differentiates Coachilla from competitors by bringing the whole coaching experience to the platform.

However Coachila is not just a marketplace. We're laying a foundation for a full online coaching experience. Soon clients and coaches will be able to track their coaching progress, and thus manage their whole coaching experience and history on Coachilla.

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