Clever Checklist

Deliver accountability and eliminate mistakes


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Checklist software for teams with a focus on accountability and eliminating mistakes by combining checklists, documentation and forms in one easy to use platform. We help customers: - Preserve practical knowledge - document details of how and why to do a task. - Make that knowledge available where the task tracking is to minimize reinventing the wheel. - Provide accountability - track tasks clearly. - Prove task completion - gather evidence and data. - Improve tasks - promote feedback for process improvement. - Delegate easily - inside and outside your organization. Clever Checklist works to help capture and provide information to the worker who might otherwise be disconnected from the tasks at hand. Customers use Clever Checklist to manage a wide variety of outcomes including: - Outsourcing Work. - Deploying and maintaining IT Systems. - Testing Software. - Tasking virtual assistants. - Onboarding staff and HR commitments. - Managing sales and marketing touch points. - Preparing for board meetings Use Clever Checklist to preemptively schedule and deliver on recurring maintenance commitments. Reactively use Clever checklist to respond consistently to important situations.


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