Clean up your Inbox, Save the Earth!


Friday, December 2, 2016

Clean up your Inbox, Save the Earth! Cleanfox​ is the new ​free web platform (​​ that enables you not only to ​delete and unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and subscription emails in only one click,​ but also to ​reduce your carbon footprint.​ To date, Cleanfox is ​the most powerful inbox cleaning service of the market.​ Indeed, Cleanfox provides the user with filters to quickly manage his inbox (by emails’ open rate or number of emails received). With this valuable information and for each of his newsletters, the user can quickly choose to: ● Remain subscribed and keep old emails in his inbox; or ● Remain subscribed and delete old emails from his inbox; or ● Unsubscribe from the subscription email and delete old emails. With Cleanfox, users now have a ​fast​, ​free and ​environmentally friendly service to clean up and manage their inbox. Cleanfox is available in ​English ​and in ​French for all email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) >> ​​ ​​​​​ How does Cleanfox work? ● Connect to Cleanfox’s website, at ​;​ ● Cleanfox then automatically draws up the list of all the newsletters and spam you receive; ● At this point, you'll be able to freely delete and unsubscribe with a single click. To help you make your selection, Cleanfox gives you, for each newsletter, your open rate, the number of emails you received, as well as your carbon footprint; ● Once you’ve finished cleaning up your inbox, Cleanfox gives you access to your custom statistics for you to concretely measure your impact on your inbox and the environment. How can Cleanfox have a positive environmental impact? If the Internet were a country, it would be the fifth largest consumer of electricity. Far from being a minor issue, digital pollution already accounts for more than ​2% of worldwide CO2 emissions​. And this is only the beginning... By educating users to this problem and offering them the opportunity to freely unsubscribe from polluting newsletters, ​Cleanfox allows users to significantly reduce their carbon footprint >>


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