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Thursday, October 12, 2017

CHARE is a communications app for Smartphones and is available for Android and iOS. The associated web app can be accessed online via a browser. CHARE’s strengths lie in group communication and security. The app can be used in a similar way to Whatsapp for the exchange of text messages. However, in addition to this, CHARE guarantees security and offers groups other possibilities to selectively get in touch via secure one-­to­-one chats, hotlines, to-­do lists, and surveys. CHARE helps to strengthen and improve collaboration, its functionalities simplify and accelerate all types of communications in the company. Implementing CHARE within your organization will increase the efficiency of teams, projects, processes and the organization as a whole. CHARE users can benefit from: – reduced volume of emails and communication time – increased team and client satisfaction – higher productivity – improved and faster feedback on any projects – reduced costs


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