CariCartoon : turn your selfies to realistic cartoon caricatures


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CariCartoon is a Fun and Intuitive app that converts your Selfies to actual Cartoon Caricatures in split seconds. It has been widely known that people Love to buy cartoonized versions of themselves for mainly entertainment and sentimental purposes. The most common examples are Caricatures Drawing in amusement park, or online websites that offer drawing caricatures. So what would be CariCartoon' special features that make the app stand out compared to traditional cartooning : 1. It's much cheaper. With 2.99$, we provides more than 70 different scenarios in 4 main categories ( Wedding , Celebration, Profession, and Fantasy/Humor ). Basically with just one small app, you can make unlimited Cartoon Caricatures for different occasions. 2. It's much faster. The conversion takes only 1-2 seconds at most :) 3. It's much more customizable. We offer extensive props and backgrounds so it can create the most fun experience in creating caricatures ( more than 150 props such as skin color, face shape , hair, hair color, headwear, glasses, background theme ) 4. You can basically create cartoon caricatures Anytime, Anywhere for Any kind of occasions.


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